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Morning Mound Visit: Ken Rosenthal dismissed from MLB Network for criticism of Rob Manfred

The commissioner welcomed even more criticism and nuked the credibility of the league’s TV outlet all in one go.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Washington Nationals Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Andrew Marchand | New York Post: After 13 years, MLB Network dismissed Ken Rosenthal, reportedly for past criticism of Rob Manfred. Rosenthal’s role at the network diminished after he wrote columns picking holes at the league’s negotiation tactics during the summer of 2020. The network chose not to renew Rosenthal’s contract when it expired at the end of 2021.

Anthony Franco | MLB Trade Rumors: Negotiations to ratify a new CBA and end the lockout are supposed to resume now that we’re in the new year, but none are scheduled between the league and the MLBPA. Spring training would begin February 26 if a new CBA is met before then. Though players aren’t paid during spring training and the financial burden of delaying exhibition rests with the league, players will still require a ramp-up heading into the season.

John Griffin | Pinstripe Alley: The lockout is only a month old, and yet, it feels longer than that. The month passed slowly with little, if any, forward momentum toward a new CBA. John Griffin has a recap of the last month.