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One True Outcome: January 9th

Let’s learn something about greats of years past

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 29 New Era Pinstripe Bowl - Virginia Tech v Maryland Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hopefully, you are enjoying our weekly trivia segment as the lockout seems to be here to stay, at least for the near future. It’s time for our third segment and like always if there is any topic you’d like to see addressed just leave it in the comment section.

Let’s jump right into it. We’ll focus on the history of past players for the most part with this particular segment. The theme of the trivia is the Triple Crown.

1. The last three different winners of the pitching Triple Crown for both the National League and American League have come from the same division, AL Central and National League. The question is rather simple, who was the last non-NL West pitcher to win it in the National League?

  • (A) Roy Halladay
  • (B) Mark Prior
  • (C ) Dwight Gooden
  • (D) John Smoltz
  • (E) Curt Schilling

2. During the 2021 season, Miguel Cabrera became the twenty-eighth member of the very exclusive 500 Home Runs club. There is only one member of said club who never hit 40 or more bombs in a single season. Who is that player?

  • (A) Gary Sheffield
  • (B) Eddie Murray
  • (C ) Mel Ott
  • (D) Fred McGriff
  • (E) Eddie Matthews

3. Revisiting the Triple Crown topic, but now with a significantly harder question. As everyone knows the pitching Triple Crown consists of three categories (wins, earned run average, and strikeouts). I invented the quadruple crown that also factors in walks, which is not necessarily a statistic you want to lead as a pitcher, but it makes for fun trivia - Who was the only quadruple crown winner ever who led all four categories in both leagues?

  • (A) Amos Rusie
  • (B) John Clarkson
  • (C ) Lefty Gomez
  • (D) Hal Newhouser
  • (E) Nolan Ryan

4. Let’s switch it over to the hitting side with a rather straightforward question. In the history of Major League Baseball, only one hitter won the Triple Crown with 50 or more home runs. Who was he?

  • (A) Jimmie Fox
  • (B) Mickey Mantle
  • (C ) Frank Robinson
  • (D) Mike Schmidt
  • (E) Barry Bonds

5. The history of Triple Crown winners is rich. How many times has the same pitcher won in back-to-back seasons?

  • (A) 2
  • (B) 3
  • (C ) 4
  • (D) 5
  • (E) 6


1. (C ) Dwight Gooden won it with the New York Mets in 1985 with 24 wins, 268 strikeouts and a 1.53 ERA. Since then the winners for the National League have been Randy Johnson with the Diamondbacks in 2002, Jake Peavy with the Padres in 2007, and Clayton Kershaw in 2011 with the Dodgers.

2. (B) Eddie Murray. The Hall of Fame first baseman topped out at 33 Home Runs in 1983 with the Baltimore Orioles. The only time he led the league in homers was during the strike-shortened 1981 season when he had 22 in 99 games.

3. (A) Amos Rusie in 1894. The Hoosier Thunderbolt led all of MLB in wins, strikeouts, earned run average and walks. His numbers: 36-13 record, 2.78 ERA, 195 strikeouts, and 200 walks.

4. (C ) Mickey Mantle in 1956 won the AL Triple crown with a .353 batting average, 52 home runs, and 130 runs batted in. Frank Robinson came close a decade later with 49 during his triple crown season.

5. (C ) Four different times, the same pitcher won the Triple Crown in consecutive campaigns.

Pete Alexander in 1915 and ‘16

Lefty Grove in 1930 and ‘31

Sandy Koufax in 1965 and ‘66

Roger Clemens in 1997 and ‘98