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Morning Mound Visit: Chris Bassitt hospitalized after comebacker strikes him in head

Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images

Jared Wyllys | Chris Bassitt was hit in the head with a comebacker during Tuesday’s game against the White Sox. Bassitt was taken to a hospital and remained conscious the entire time. Hopefully, Bassitt can make a quick, full recovery.

Ben Clemens | FanGraphs: Eugenio Suárez and the Reds are in striking distance of the second Wild Card spot. If Suárez can rediscover his power, Cincinnati will be in a much better position to chase down and hold off San Diego.

Brian Duricy | Baseball Prospectus $: Loss aversion bias is the phenomenon wherein losses are felt more negatively than gains of equal absolute value. While this generally applies to finding a fiver on the ground compared to opening your wallet to discover that you lost a fiver, it also applies to baserunning. The modern baserunner is less prone to risks, but that’s because we know how bad outs are for scoring runs.

Quick Hits

Jo Adell hit a grand slam to break a 2-2 tie.

Marcus Stroman likely won himself a Gold Glove with this play to deny Brandon Belt of a bunt single.

Wandy Peralta deflected a line drive and still managed to get the out and escape from a jam.