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Morning Mound Visit: Brewers get Rowdy, Blue Jays get Trevor

Brewers get another large adult son; A new way of looking at hard-hit rate; The league without sticky stuff

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

Kyle Lewniewski | Brew Crew Ball: The Toronto Blue Jays traded Rowdy Tellez to the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for Trevor Richards and Bowden Francis. Tellez will complement the struggling Keston Hiura’s right-handed bat while giving Milwaukee a surplus of large adult sons.

Alex Chamberlain | FanGraphs: Alex Chamberlain has modified hard-hit rate to consider spray angle. His new version of Dynamic Hard-hit rate is more predictive than regular hard-hit rate.

Rob Arthur | Baseball Prospectus $: It’s been a little less than two months since the first group of pitchers began abandoning sticky stuff. Now that the rest of the league has been mandated to as well, offense is starting to pick up.

Quick Hits

Fernando Tatís Jr. wasn’t finished after performing a double jump last night. Tatís also found the rocket launcher and used it to nail Starlin Castro at the plate.

Billy Hamilton used the warning track as a slip and slide to make a spectacular catch.

Salvador Pérez golfed a pitch six inches below the strike zone for a walk-off off the wall.