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Morning Mound Visit: Yermín Mercedes retires

Plus, Tyler Glasnow interviews Brett Phillips, Nick Castellanos suffers fractured wrist

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Year of the Hamster | South Side Sox: Yermín Mercedes appeared to have retired from professional baseball last night. Or at least that is what is seems based on this Instagram post. Mercedes, of course, took the baseball world by storm with an extremely hot start, but ultimately ended up coming down to Earth.

Ashley MacLennan | DRaysBay: On the podcast titled ‘The Chris Rose Rotation,’ Rays ace Tyler Glasnow (who is a cohost) interviews teammate and larger-than-life personality Brett Phillips. It’s a treat.

Wick Terrell | Red Reporter: The Cincinnati Reds, currently sitting in second place in the National League Central with a record of 49-47, just took a huge blow to their position player core as Nick Castellanos suffers a fractured wrist.

Quick Hits

Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. hit a 430 foot home run TO THE OPPOSITE FIELD and things like this are the reason I will never understand how baseball works:

Akil Baddoo tailed off after a torrid start to the season, but he is still out here doing things:

Try not to flinch:

What is better than players having fun on the field?

Finally, Team USA has quite a few ‘remember some guys.’