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Morning Mound Visit: The end of the shift?

Also, Mets sign Kumar Rocker (ICYMI), and the Brewers made a trade the night before the All-Star Game

2021 Gatorade All-Star Workout Day Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Mark Feinsand | MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred states that the seven-inning doubleheader, as well as the automatic runner on second during extra innings, may be gone in 2022.

“I see the extra-inning rule and the seven-inning doubleheader as rules that were adopted based on medical advice to deal with COVID,” Manfred said. “I think they are much less likely to become part of our permanent landscape than some of the other rules that we’ve talked about over time that relate to how the game is being played.”

Additionally, Manfred hinted at banning the shift...

“Let’s just say you’ve regulated the shift by requiring two infielders each side and second base. What does that do?” Manfred said. “It makes the game look like what it looked like when I was 12 years old. It’s not change; it’s kind of restoration, right? well as the possible inclusion of the DH in the National League.

“I think it would be a non-radical change, but I’m not going to speculate on whether we’re going to propose it or get it,” he said.

Thomas Henderson | Amazin’ Avenue: The New York Mets signed their 10th overall pick—Vanderbilt star pitcher Kumar Rocker for a cool $6 million. It’s hard to say whether he will have any impact on the big league club, especially considering that his 122 innings pitched are more than any major league pitcher in 2021.

Jack Stern | Brew Crew Ball: The Brewers acquired relief pitcher Kyle Lobstein from the Washington Nationals on the eve of the All-Star Game. Stern opines that due to some adjustments he has made over the past few seasons, he could make an impact in the Brewers bullpen.

Quick hits

Trevor Bauer’s administrative leave extended to the 27th:

‘The Rise of El Niño’ premiered on MLB Network last night:

Angels sign Adam Eaton: