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Morning Mound Visit: Khris Davis designated for assignment

Rangers cut Davis; Bubba Starling still grinding; How far has offense fallen?

Texas Rangers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Adam J. Morris | Lonestar Ball: Khris Davis was designated for assignment on Tuesday. The Rangers designated hitter hasn’t been the same since the last time he hit .247 and that was back in 2018. To take his spot on the MLB roster, Eli White was recalled from Triple-A Round Rock.

kcscoliny | Royals Review: 10 years ago, Bubba Starling was the fifth overall pick in the MLB draft, and ultimately, he signed with the Royals for a $7.5 million signing bonus. Though he signed out of high school, Starling didn’t make his debut until 2019 when he was 26. He’s still in the Royals’ system, though, still grinding.

Rob Mains | Baseball Prospectus: If there’s one narrative prevailing this season, it’s that pitchers are dominating and offense is down. Exactly how far offense is fallen is hard to assess since the runner on second rule has inflated scoring somewhat. What does it look like without the bad rule?

Quick Hits

Brandon Crawford set a Giants franchise record for most starts at shortstop and then proceeded to hit two home runs.

Ke’Bryan Hayes homered but was called out because he missed first base.

Patrick Wisdom hit another home run. That’s seven since May 31.