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Morning Mound Visit: Cubs toss combined no-hitter

7th no-hitter; Cleveland’s trade target; Yankee’s trade strategy

Chicago Cubs v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Josh Timmers | Bleed Cubbie Blue: The Cubs tossed a combined no-hitter against the Dodgers to mark the 7th no-hitter of the year. Zach Davies threw six innings while Ryan Tepera, Andrew Chafin, and Craig Kimbrel closed it out.

Chris D. Davies | Covering the Corner: Because the Minnesota Twins have all gotten lost in a cornfield, the Cleveland Spiders are still in the race for the AL Central. With the injury to Aaron Civale, however, Cleveland needs some rotation help. Here’s an argument that they should go after Colorado’s Jon Gray.

Andres Chavez | Pinstripe Alley: The Yankees also need some hurlers to take the ball every five days. Fortunately, Luis Severino and Corey Kluber should be returning from their respective injuries by the end of July. That’s sort of like trading for two pitchers at the deadline. If they aren’t ready to go, though, the Yankees will have to resort to the real thing.

Quick Hits

Kyle Schwarber hit his 12th homer in as many days.

Kevin Kiermaier nailed Hunter Renfroe at the plate to preserve a 0-0 tie. Kiermaier later broke up the Red Sox’ combined no-hitter.

Nick Castellanos, the most interesting man in baseball, sent this ball to the moon.