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Morning Mound Visit: deGrom leaves start after just three innings

Also, cheating allegations galore

San Diego Padres v New York Mets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Chris McShane | Amazin’ Avenue: Just two days after Tyler Glasnow left a start early with an elbow injury, Jacob deGrom leaves his start after three with shoulder tightness.

Daniel Russel | DRaysBay: After coming out of his last start in which he threw only four innings and 53 pitches, Tampa Bay Rays’ Tyler Glasnow blamed the outright ban of foreign substances for his sudden injury, saying, ‘There is not a doubt that contributed’ to him getting hurt. Glasnow was diagnosed with a partial UCL tear.

Brian Cohn | Crawfish Boxes: By now, anyone who has casually followed baseball over the past few years has an opinion about the Houston Astros cheating scandal. As they have toured the league this season, fans have not been shy to let them know what they think, especially when it comes to the face of the team, Jose Altuve.

Quick Hits

Speaking of cheating, author and well known online baseball personality Ryan Spaeder threw out some hefty allegations on the following Twitter thread:

To be fair, some of these accusations are reasonable, but some of them are anywhere from hard to verify at best to downright strange at worst:

I am no one to say that he is making this up or that his sources are not reputable, but “I do not have a time frame but I am confident it happened,” or citing a player’s home/road splits are just not enough substance for me to buy into these particular claims:

I do, however, believe this one a million percent:

Also, here is a really bad take from a current MLB player:

And finally, here is a better take from a former MLB player: