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Morning Mound Visit: MLB to announce 10-day suspension for pitchers caught with foreign substances

Suspension incoming; The sticky stuff scapegoat; Bad bunts

Washington Nationals v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Jeff Passan | ESPN: On Tuesday, MLB will announce that pitchers caught with foreign substances will be suspended 10 games with pay according to reporting from Jeff Passan. Last week, the league revealed plans to conduct random searches on players, and anything from Spider Tack to sunscreen-and-rosin will be considered a violation.

Stephanie Apstein and Alex Prewitt | Sports Illustrated: Speaking of sticky stuff: Bubba Harkins was the go-to guy for pitchers seeking grip enhancers before the Angels fired him last winter. Harkins takes issue with the fact that so far, he’s the only person to receive any sort of serious punishment for something that people all over the league are doing.

Ben Clemens | FanGraphs: Sacrifice bunts are bad, but not all sac bunts are created equal. Some are a lot worse than others. How bad can they be? Ben Clemens has your answer.

Quick Hits

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. retook the lead in the home run race with his 22nd of the year.

Kyle Schwarber hit his fourth home run in three games. After a slow start, Schwarber is hitting .230/.340/.481 for a 124 wRC+ since May 1.

The Rays beat the White Sox in their first meeting of the year thanks to home runs from Randy Arozarena and Brandon Lowe.