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Morning Mound Visit: Noah Syndergaard shut down for six weeks

Syndergaard setback; Complications in policing foreign substances; Harper played hurt

Syndication: Treasure Coast CRYSTAL VANDER WEIT/TCPALM via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Michael Drago | Amazin’ Avenue: After getting pulled from a rehab early from a rehab start earlier this week, Noah Syndergaard has now been shut down for six weeks with elbow inflammation. The right-hander was working his way back from Tommy John surgery, but his return will have to wait just a bit longer.

Patrick Dubuque | Baseball Prospectus $: Giovanny Gallegos’s hat was confiscated due to a suspicious brown stain on it. The league has been selective in its cracking down on foreign substances which promotes reactions like Mike Shildt’s, which is to wonder why this pitcher and not someone else.

Devan Fink | FanGraphs: Bryce Harper recently landed on the IL with a wrist injury that was originally downplayed by the Phillies. Harper's injury impacted his performance, and the data bears that out.

Quick Hits

Javier Báez coaxed the Pirates into one of the most baffling, incredible defensive blunders baseball has ever seen. If you’re like me, you’ve already watched this 50 times, but watch it again. It’s the best.

Seriously, watch it with the Pirates radio call.

I always thought it was pronounced cal-e-ope.