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Morning Mound Visit: Nick Castellanos suspended two games for making Yadier Molina upset

Weird penalty for a flex but ok; The plight of Canadian baseball fans; Nationals to start season

St Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Wick Terrell | Red Reporter: Nicholas Castellanos was suspended two games for his role in Saturday’s bench-clearing incident. What was his role exactly? Getting hit by a pitch (which might have been intentional), flexing over pitcher Jake Woodford when he later scored on a wild pitch, and then getting grabbed by the neck by Yadier Molina. Castellanos was the only player ejected from the game, and he was the only player to receive any punishment once the dust (kicked up by the Cardinals!) had settled.

Ashley MacLennan | FanGraphs: Once again, the Toronto Blue Jays aren’t actually playing their home games in Toronto. Fans of every other team have the option of attending their games, but Blue Jays fans living in Toronto obviously don’t. In addition, continues to black out the games in all parts of Canada making it exceedingly difficult for cord-cutters to watch the Blue Jays at all.

Patrick Reddington | Federal Baseball: The Nationals will begin their season on Tuesday after postponing their first four games due to several positive COVID-19 cases. The Nationals will not have a full roster for their season opener, and will play a double header against the Braves on Wednesday.