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Morning Mound Visit: Biden calls Rangers full capacity plan ‘a mistake’

Biden also supports moving the All-Star Game; Dodgers screw up; Angels extend David Fletcher

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Houston Astros v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Levi Weaver and The Athletic Staff | The Athletic $: Wednesday night, Joe Biden called the Rangers’ decision to allow full capacity at their home games “a mistake” and “not responsible.” The Astros, who were given the same permission by Governor Abbott’s edict, won’t allow for more than 50 percent capacity. Biden also said that he would “strongly support” moving the All-Star Game out of Georgia in response to anti-democratic voting laws passed recently by state legislature.

Blake Harris | True Blue LA: In Thursday’s opener against the Rockies, Cody Bellinger homered, but managed to get called out. Raimel Tapia nearly robbed the homer but lost it when his glove collided with the wall, but that was enough for the runner at first, Justin Turner, to think he had to tag up. Turner ran past Bellinger, and because Bellinger passed a runner ahead of him, he was out.

Eric Stephen | Halos Heaven: The Angels extended David Fletcher to a five-year, $26 million extension which buys out at least one year of his free agency. Club options could extend the contract by two years and bring Fletcher’s earnings up to $41 million.