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Morning Mound Visit: MLB to experiment with rule changes in minors

Bigger bases; Fewer dingers; Riot!

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Pittsburgh Pirates v Philadelphia Phillies
This isn’t one of the new rules MLB will try but maybe it should be?
Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Ivan the Great | Talking Chop: MLB is once again experimenting with rule changes in the minor leagues, and the proposed alterations for 2021 range from innocuous to awful. Among the things MLB will try are larger bases, limiting pickoff throws, defensive positioning restrictions (i.e. banning the shift), and electronic strike zones.

Jake Mailhot | FanGraphs: A year after Ketel Marte finished fourth in MVP voting, Ketel Marte reverted back to his previous form. Marte’s power also opted out of the 2020 season, and it’s only natural to wonder: where did it go?

Molly Knight | The Athletic $: After running the Dodgers into the ground, Frank McCourt took his talents to the French soccer club Olympique de Marseille which he also ran into the ground. Fans will occasionally riot after winning a championship, but it’s rare to see them riot because the team is doing so poorly. That’s exactly what OM fans did this winter in response to McCourt’s leadership.