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Morning Mound Visit: Rangers to allow maximum capacity at home opener

Rangers sell out; Spectrum positioning; The importance of baseball on the radio

MLB: World Series-Tampa Bay Rays at Los Angeles Dodgers
Look at all those masks!
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant | Dallas Morning News: Following Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order, the Texas Rangers plan to allow fans to attend at 100 percent capacity for games in 2021. Fans will be required to wear masks except when eating or drinking, and the team would like to employ a ‘three-strike’ rule but they did not detail how they would enforce that. Though the Astros will also be allowed to fill their stadium at maximum capacity, they will not.

Russell Carleton | Baseball Prospectus $: It used to be that baseball teams had eight starters for all the non-pitcher positions and a bench of players who could cover multiple spots. Those roles are becoming far less rigid, and now teams are filling their roster with players who have a spectrum of positions they can play.

RJ McDaniel | FanGraphs: The Toronto Blue Jays will not have a dedicated radio broadcast this year. Instead, the audio feed from the television broadcast will be simulcast to radio listeners. The Blue Jays aren’t the first team to try to move away from radio. The A’s tried to move from terrestrial radio to internet-only last year but came back before the season started. Though this is supposed to be a move made in the name of safety, moving away from the radio makes the game less accessible.