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Morning Mound Visit: Dexter Fowler traded to Angels

Fowler to LA; Giants and Twins pull a trade; Kyle Hendricks and PECOTA

St Louis Cardinals v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Blake Harris | Halos Heaven: Late Thursday night, the Angels traded for Dexter Fowler for a player to be named later. The addition of Fowler could mean that Jo Adell is starting the season in the minors after a rough debut.

Brady Klopfer | McCovey Chronicles: The Giants and Twins also pulled off a trade on Thursday. The Giants acquired LaMonte Wade Jr. in exchange for Shaun Anderson. Anderson first came up as a starter, but has primarily worked out of the bullpen as of late. Wade Jr. boasts a strong strikeout-to-walk ratio, so he’s exactly Farhan Zaidi’s kind of player.

Rob Arthur | Baseball Prospectus $: PECOTA Week rolls on. This time, Rob Arthur took a look at how the projection system fares with pitchers who consistently beat FIP like Kyle Hendricks. Spoiler alert: it does pretty well with them.