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Morning Mound Visit: Jarred Kelenic doesn’t appreciate getting his service time manipulation

Kelenic’s punishment for not signing an extension; A’s ballpark dreams hit an obstace; Too many Dodgers starters

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Seattle Mariners Summer Workouts Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Joe E. Doyle | Lookout Landing: Jarred Kelenic, the best prospect in Seattle’s deep system, isn’t happy with the Mariners and for good reason. After extension talks fell through last year, Kelenic was kept at the alternate site in 2020 rather than start his service time clock. Had Kelenic signed an extension, he would have made his big league debut last year, and Kevin Mather admitted they intended to keep him down long enough to prevent him from gaining a year of service time in 2021.

Alex Coffey and Steve Berman | The Athletic $: The Athletics are once again trying to build a new stadium as they are desperate to get out of the Coliseum and into the real estate market. The current plan is to build a new park at Howard Terminal, but—and you’ll never believe this—the A’s have hit a snag. Governor Gavin Newsom missed a deadline to certify the project for streamlined environmental review, and the Port of Oakland stakeholders have appealed a court decision allowing it proceed anyway. With the team’s lease at the Coliseum expiring in 2024, any obstacles they face could lead to the A’s moving.

Blake Harris | True Blue LA: If you want to know how ridiculously deep the Dodgers’ starting rotation is, True Blue LA published a piece titled, “Dustin May is going to try and earn a Dodgers’ starting rotation spot.”