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Morning Mound Visit: Kevin Mather resigns from Mariners

Mather is sorry for getting caught; Why Mather’s speech was harmful; An ode to one-pitch pitchers

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Seattle Mariners Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Kate Preusser | Lookout Landing: A day after details emerged of Kevin Mather’s 45-minute tirade belittling foreign-born players and admitting to service time manipulation, the executive resigned in disgrace. The Mariners have been quick to distance themselves from Mather, saying that his comments “do not represent our organization’s feelings,” but for a long while, Mather was the Mariners.

RJ McDaniel | FanGraphs: Mather’s denigrations of players for whom English is a second language is part of an ugly pattern of othering. In baseball, this othering alienates players who grew up speaking entirely different languages than English, and outside of baseball, it can destroy familial connections.

Sydney Bergman | Baseball Prospectus $: The group of one-pitch pitchers is an exclusive one to belong to. In a profession that relies on deception, throwing the same pitch over an over again is a dangerous proposition. It’s possible we don’t give one-pitch pitchers enough credit for being able to do what they do, and we should enjoy them while can keep it up because it’s hard to do for long.