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Morning Mound Visit: MLBPA rejects MLB’s proposal

MLB really wants that expanded postseason; Allegations against Mickey Calloway; PECOTA; Alex Cobb on the move

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National League Wild Card Game 2: Miami Marlins v. Chicago Cubs Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Mike Axisa and Katherine Acquavella | CBS Sports: The MLBPA rejected MLB’s latest proposal which would see the start of the season delayed, the season itself shortened, and the playoffs expanded. Because the league can’t impose any of these changes unilaterally, the player’s union doesn’t have to agree to any rules changes it doesn’t feel is in its best interest. (MLB claims the month delay is to allow for COVID infections rates to decrease, but this is the same league that allowed fans at the NLCS and World Series and sat on their hands while the Marlins and Cardinals had outbreaks in their clubhouses. They are making that argument in bad faith.) The season is currently scheduled to start on time.

Britt Ghiroli and Katie Strang | The Athletic $: Five women have come forward with allegations against Angels pitching coach and former Mets manager Mickey Callaway for sexually inappropriate behavior. Callaway’s lewd advances took place over a span of at least five years and was referred to as “the worst-kept secret in baseball.”

Jonathan Judge | Baseball Prospectus: Monday was PECOTA Day, the day on which Baseball Prospectus dumps cold water on the hopes and dreams you had surrounding a player who isn’t that good but could be great.

Eric Stephen | Halo Heaven: The Orioles traded Alex Cobb to the Angels on Monday. In return, Baltimore is receiving Jahmai Jones. Cobb had a 4.30 ERA and 4.87 FIP in 10 starts last season, but his splitter gives him plenty of upside. In addressing their starting rotation, the Angels have employed an “accuracy by volume” strategy and now have seven candidates for five spots depending on how you view Shohei Ohtani.