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Morning Mound Visit: Brewers sign Brett Anderson, Travis Shaw

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Brewers get the band back together; Rays fill out their rotation; MLB can’t elevate the Negro Leagues by sanitizing history

Milwaukee Brewers v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Jaymes L | Brew Crew Ball: The Brewers re-signed Brett Anderson to a one-year deal on Tuesday. Anderson will make a guaranteed $2.5 million in 2021. The Brewers also brought back Travis Shaw though on a non-guaranteed deal. Shaw had two great years in Milwaukee, but his production took a nosedive in 2019 and didn’t quite recover in 2020.

Tony Wolfe | FanGraphs: The Rays may have won the AL Pennant last year, but after depleting their rotation, FanGraphs initally gave them them just an 18 percent chance of making the playoffs. Now that they’ve signed Rich Hill and Collin McHugh, that’s all the way up to 20.8.

Shakeia Taylor | Baseball Prospectus: Recently, MLB announced that it would “elevate” the Negro Leagues to major league status, but MLB can’t elevate the Negro Leagues by re-writing the histories of the leagues that were formed and eventually destroyed by MLB’s exclusionary practices.