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Morning Mound Visit: Lawsuit threaten MLB’s antitrust exemption

Oh no! Not the antitrust exemption. Anything but that.

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R.J. Anderson | CBS Sports: Four former minor league teams sued MLB alleging the commissioner’s office violated the Sherman Act. The teams filing the lawsuit—the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, Staten Island Yankees, Tri-City Valley Cats, and the Norwich Sea Unicorns—were part of the 40 teams who had their major league affiliation severed as part of the minor league restructuring last year. The lawsuit threatens the league’s antitrust exemption which allows it to operate as a legalized monopoly.

Alex Hall | Athletics Nation: Last week, the City of Oakland released its final Environmental Impact Report for the A’s Howard Terminal Project. This is a significant step forward for keeping the A’s in Oakland, but it is by no means a done deal. Oakland City Council must certify the recommendation, which could happen in February.

Jordan White | Baseball Prospectus $: The Brewers have developed a reputation for churning out great pitchers. Could Aaron Ashby be Milwaukee’s next breakout?