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Morning Mound Visit: Atlanta will discuss eliminating the chop, not changing team name

Atlanta won’t do what’s necessary; Should Mike Trout bunt?; Re-visiting the aging curve

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MLB: JUL 07 Braves Summer Camp Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ken Rosenthal | The Athletic $: After the Washington football team and the Cleveland baseball team announced they would consider changing their team name, the Atlanta baseball team followed suit by saying they would... talk about getting rid of the Tomahawk Chop. Atlanta isn’t committed to changing its name at the moment and because of that, the team isn’t committed to honoring Indigenous people. If they were, they would just do the thing Indigenous people have been asking them to do for decades.

Ben Clemens | FanGraphs: Last week, Ben Clemens wrote that with extra innings beginning with a runner on second, the home team should bunt if the score is tied. Does that rule of thumb apply if Mike Trout leads off with Jeff Mathis behind him?

Jonathan Judge | Baseball Prospectus: It’s generally agreed upon that baseball players peak sometime in their late twenties and as soon as they turn 30, they become obsolete and the open market makes them disappear like it’s Logan’s Run. Statisticians have long argued over which model most accurately predicts the player aging curve, and the team at Baseball Prospectus hopes to put that to rest.