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Morning Mound Visit: Pennsylvania says no to Blue Jays

Blue Jays are still looking for a home; the importance of Gabe Kapler’s kneeling; Dodgers extend Mookie Betts

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MLB: JUL 17 Blue Jays Summer Camp Photo by Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Craig Calcaterra | NBC Sports: After being denied permission to play their home games in Toronto, the Blue Jays were offered a home by the Pittsburgh Pirates. That, too, was axed by a governing body as the state of Pennsylvania has blocked the team from playing its home games at PNC Park. Baltimore has emerged as another option, but if that doesn’t work out and no other major league stadium is available, the Jays will either have to barnstorm or play at a minor league stadium.

Marcus Thompson II | The Athletic $: Gabe Kapler has drawn lots of criticism—some of it well deserved—but Marcus Thompson argues that his decision to kneel is nothing but admirable. Managers and head coaches aren’t supposed to be polarizing, but Kapler is using his position to do what’s right.

Eric Stephen | True Blue LA: Sorry Red Sox fans, but Mookie Betts won’t be returning to Boston until 2033. Betts signed a 12-year extension worth $365 million on Wednesday which is terrific news if you’re a Dodger fan and horrific news if you happen to root for another team in the NL West.