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Morning Mound Visit: MLB to set schedule for 2020 season

Baseball is coming (probably); Is a 60-season legit?; a Jackie Robinson op-ed

What Would Have Been Red Sox Opening Day Photo by Stan Grossfeld/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Ben Clemens | FanGraphs: After the player’s union executives voted no 33-5 on MLB’s latest proposal for a 2020 season, MLB announced it would impose a schedule under the terms of the March agreement. The announcement came 88 days after the March agreement was finalized because owners wouldn’t concede and players wouldn’t budge, Rob Manfred will likely set a 60-game schedule that begins in late July. Nothing is official yet, and there’s still a chance this all falls through due to safety concerns, but it appears MLB will play this year.

Russell Carleton | Baseball Prospectus $: In all likelihood, MLB will play a 60-game season. Russell Carleton has already done the #GoryMath to determine how legitimate such a season would be. The odds of someone hitting .400 and tainting records is low, but the chance for upsets in the playoffs and regular season standings is high.

Demetrius Bell | Baseball Prospectus: On Friday, Baseball Prospectus launched a new series focusing on articles and op-eds written by Jackie Robinson. In the first entry, Demetrius Bell drew parallels to a 1962 op-ed penned by Robinson regarding LAPD shooting members of the Black Muslims and the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests. We mostly see a filtered version of Robinson, but Jackie would have excoriated LAPD for using a stadium named after him to stage arrested protesters.