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Morning Mound Visit: Alex Cora says it wasn’t just him and Carlos Beltrán behind the banging scheme

Alex Cora wants an accurate narrative; What if Buster Posey was a Ray; Matt Harvey isn’t pitching any time soon

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2019 Major League Baseball Winter Meetings Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Marly Rivera | ESPN: Alex Cora, who received a year-long suspension for his involvement in the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal, would like to remind the baseball world that it wasn’t just him and Carlos Beltrán who were responsible. Cora doesn’t shy from his culpability, but he doesn’t want the narrative to be that it was “a two-man show.”

Grant Brisbee | The Athletic $: Every team has draft regrets, but few are as large as the Tampa Bay Rays selecting Tim Beckham instead of Buster Posey. Grant Brisbee booted up the What If machine to take us through the alternate timeline where Buster Posey becomes a Ray instead of a Giant.

Jay Jaffe | FanGraphs: It’s rumored that Matt Harvey has drawn interest from teams in both the KBO and NPB, but even if they’re true, it might be a while before Harvey gets back on the mound. Both leagues limit the number of foreign players a team can carry, not to mention there’s a mandatory two-week quarantine for any player coming from overseas.