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Morning Mound Visit: MLB reveals how they’ll acquire tests

MLB’s health plan; a missing baseball player; validation for Blake Snell

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Minnesota Twins v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Tom Verducci | Sports Illustrated: On Thursday, MLB announced that it is partnering with The Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory in Utah to produce tests for potential 2020 season. According to MLB, the supplier would create a surplus of tests. The drawbacks of MLB’s plan: tests won’t be daily and the season will continue if there’s a positive result.

Rachael McDaniel | FanGraphs: In the fall of 1902, a hunter named B.R. Logan went missing in the southern Oregon wilderness. Just a few months prior, Logan played in the greatest baseball game the region had ever seen. Rachael McDaniel explores the baseball rivalry between Grants Pass and Ashland.

Marc Carig | The Athletic $: On a recent Twitch stream, Blake Snell had some choice words for MLB’s slapdick revenue sharing scheme. Snell said he wouldn’t risk his health while taking an additional pay cut which seems pretty reasonable, but he received blowback. Marc Carig explains why Snell is well within his right to be angry.