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Morning Mound Visit: Owners won’t share in profits but will in losses

A reminder that teams don’t just need the gate for revenue; a discussion with Josh Lindblom; Michael Jordan was pretty good actually

MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Craig Goldstein | Baseball Prospectus $: Owners insist that paying players a prorated salary to play in front of no fans would cost them more than not playing at all. Craig Goldstein offers the important reminder that teams draw all sorts of ancillary revenues that aren’t shared with the players and wouldn’t be possible without the players.

Jay Jaffe | FanGraphs: It feels like it happened several years ago, but over the offseason, the Brewers signed Josh Lindblom to a three-year deal. Lindblom had spent the last two years dominating the KBO League and won the MVP in 2019. Jay Jaffe sat down with him to talk about his journey.

Michael Baumann | The Ringer: Michael Jordan’s shortlived baseball career is mostly derided, but in retrospect, it’s rather impressive for someone to stay slightly above the Mendoza line after not playing baseball for over a decade. Jordan, of course, never made it to the big leagues, but he wasn’t that far off.