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MLB News: What a shortened regular season might look like

Could we see the World Series played at a neutral site?

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San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

There has been a lot of scenario’s kicked around about what a shortened season for Major League Baseball might look like in 2020. Granted there are many hurdles that will have to be cleared just to open the door for a possible return to the field, Major League Baseball is reportedly busy looking at potential scenarios for a shortened season.

Chicago sports radio host Matt Spiegel cited a “well-informed source” while detailing a plan that would include a July 1 start date, a 100-game regular season schedule which would be followed by playoffs and a World Series that would be played at a neutral site. Now it is worth mentioning that this report hasn’t been corroborated anywhere else but it does in theory seem like a workable scenario provided teams could return to the field in late June for an abbreviated spring training. FanGraphs’ Jay Jaffe explored the pros and cons of this plan on Thursday. Still, the current situation would need to improve dramatically for this to become a reality.

The Athletic | Ken Rosenthal and Dennis Lin: Four of the five California based teams have reportedly sent official notices to team employees in advance of possible job cuts. Per the report, none of the organizations are looking to pursue layoffs or furloughs at this time but sending the notices provides a measure of legal protection should they need to reverse course.

FanGraphs | Craig Edwards: For the first time since 2013, fans in the Los Angeles area will have access to Dodgers games thanks to inclusion of Sportsnet LA by DirecTV in its channel lineup.

The Athletic | David O’Brien: In a wide ranging interview, former Astros catcher Evan Gattis spoke candidly about Houston’s sign stealing scandal. Gattis is remorseful and doesn’t mince words saying that he and his teammates “cheated baseball and cheated the fans.”