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Morning Mound Visit: There will be a 2020 season, but no one knows when, where, or how

The state of the league; remembering a flame thrower; death to extra innings

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MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Jeff Passan | ESPN: In a comprehensive State of the League address, Jeff Passan answered 20 questions at the front of every baseball fan’s mind. Of note: MiLB contraction is inevitable, and there will be a 2020 season even if no one knows when, how, where, or whether it’s safe.

Jay Jaffe | FanGraphs: Steve Dalkowski, the inspiration behind Nuke LaLoosh of Bull Durham, passed away earlier this month due to the novel coronavirus. Jay Jaffe remembers the pitcher who spent nine years in the minors and was rumored to be the hardest thrower to ever play the game.

Brittany Ghiroli | The Athletic $: There’s a nonzero chance the 2020 season will feature ties, so it’s an idea we’ll have to get used to. Brittany Ghiroli is one step ahead on that front and looked at what might have changed in the past two seasons if extra innings were eliminated.