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Morning Mound Visit: MLB punishes the Red Sox replay operator

The Red Sox get off easy; MLB is a capitalist hellscape; The MLBPA continues to weaken

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Boston Red Sox Hold End-Of-Season Press Conference Photo by Nic Antaya for The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Evan Drellich | The Athletic $: MLB finally concluded its investigation of the Boston Red Sox stealing signs in the 2018 season. Turns out it was all the replay operator’s fault. Thankfully, he won’t be operating any more replays until 2022 at the earliest. MLB’s long, national nightmare is over.

Craig Goldstein | SB Nation: The editor of Baseball Prospectus takes a critical look at what “it’s just business” actually means in the context of MLB. Often that means owners exploit the ill-gained loyalty of their fanbase to fill their coffers.

Marc Normandin | Baseball Prospectus $: The MLBPA scored a victory last month when it secured a full year of service time for players in the event of a cancelled season, but minor leaguers and players on the cusp of the big leagues have been left out. The MLBPA isn’t officially a two-tier union, but it occasionally acts like one which weakens the union going forward.