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Morning Mound Visit: The plan to sever affiliation of 42 minor league teams gains momentum

MiLB ready to negotiate; projections ready to prorate; fans ready to inculpate

Minor League Baseball - A Look Inside Single A Ball Photo by Christopher Morris/Corbis via Getty Images

J.J. Cooper | Baseball America: Yesterday, J.J. Cooper reported that Minor League Baseball intends to agree to the The Houston Plan which would sever the major league affiliation of 42 minor league teams. Later in the day, MiLB issued a statement saying that “recent articles on the negotiations between MiLB and... MLB are largely inaccurate,” but Baseball America stands by its initial reporting which was substantiated by the Associated Press.

Mark McElroy | Pitcher List: A 162-game season is all but impossible now which means that the innings leader might only throw somewhere between 100-150 innings. Mark McElroy looked at prorated Steamer600 projections to see which hurlers stand out in smaller workloads.

Craig Calcaterra | NBC Sports: The 2020 season has officially been delayed not cancelled. That fact has allowed teams not to issue refunds to season ticket holders who likely won’t get to go to a game this year. Two New York fans have sued all 30 teams, and this could escalate into a class action lawsuit.