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Morning Mound Visit: MLB employees to participate in COVID-19 study

MLB joins a coronavirus study; Rachael McDaniel remembers the last time we saw some guys; An alternate script to the 2001 film Summer Catch

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Passan | ESPN: MLB Players and team employees are participating in a study that aims to measure just how widespread COVID-19 is in the United States. The test detects an antibody created by those infected by the novel coronavirus even if that person is asymptomatic.

Rachael McDaniel | FanGraphs: Rachael McDaniel begins a new series at FanGraphs titled, “The Last Time We Saw That Guy.” Baseball is full of goodbyes, and sometimes, we know when a player is about to walk off into the sunset. Other times, we aren’t so lucky.

Sarah R. Ingber, Davy Andrews, Roger Cormier | Baseball Prospectus: The next entry in BP’s Too Far from Town series shines a light on the Batavia Muckdogs one of 42 teams in danger of losing their major league affiliation. Nothing can quite replace Short Relief, but this series scratches the same itch with Davy Andrews’ “Song for Tuffy Gosewich.”