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Morning Mound Visit: sabermetrics news - 3/18/20

COVID-19’s effect on baseball; the 1920 Phillies

MLB: Coronavirus-Busch Stadium Views Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

FanGraphs | Dan Szymborski: The whole world is changing, obviously, and baseball will follow. The season will be shortened, and if that’s the case, there will be a profound impact on who gets in the playoffs and who could win the World Series. Teams like the Rangers, White Sox, and Angels have a lot to gain in a shorter season with moire randomness.

Baseball Prospectus | Russell A. Carleton ($): This will always be the COVID-19 season, so we have time to kill to speculate on all things baseball while there is no baseball. You could create baseball art or baseball memes, or think about how the season could potentially unfold a la 1995.

Bill James Online | Bill James: Looking at home runs allowed is an interesting exercise, especially after adjusting for park factors and era. This makes the 1920 Phillies the best team at not allowing home runs ever—they allowed just the adjusted equivalent of about 15 (!) home runs in a season despite an obscene home run park factor.