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Morning Mound Visit: sabermetrics news - 2/4/20

Curtis Granderson’s staying power; the prison of WAR; Kris Bryant’s landmark grievance

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MLB: Chicago Cubs at New York Mets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

FanGraphs | Justin Klugh: Curtis Granderson announced his retirement, and what a career he’s had. No one really expected him to last this long in the league, first as a speedy defense-first prospect who was expected to be a triples threat, then a totally different power hitter who was able to last in the league for 16 years.

Baseball Prospectus | Russell A. Carleton ($): WAR is great, but it can also be a prison. If everything is seen from WAR and value, then one will start analyzing and seeing baseball only from that single facet, stripping necessary context needed to be a good sabermetrician.

The Athletic | Evan Drellich ($): The Kris Bryant grievance was a landmark decision, largely because the MLBPA now knows they won’t get a remedy via an arbitrator; the rules on service time must change. This could either be a shorter amount of time, or using age, or even using performance, but the fact is that without a new scheme, this will be the status quo.