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Morning Mound Visit: MLB recognizes Negro Leagues as major leagues

Negro Leagues become official record; Cleveland is bungling its name change; the Giants sign a pitcher

AA.NEGRO.JERSEY.GWK.1/29/97 –– JERSEY AND A HAT, A PART OF DISPLAY AT THE NEGRO LEAGUE BASEBALL EXHI Photo by Geraldine Wilkins/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Clinton Yates | The Undefeated: MLB announced Wednesday that the records from seven Negro Leagues which operated from 1920-1948 would be recognized as major leagues and their statistics would be added to official record. Aside from coming too late, Clinton Yates argues that MLB’s decision implies that the Negro Leagues were “less than” and that MLB is patting themselves on the back a little too hard.

Craig Goldstein | Baseball Prospectus $: Speaking of entities patting themselves on the back, the Cleveland Baseball Team is handling its name change in typical fashion. By delaying the name change (and continuing to sell merchandise with Chief Wahoo on it), Cleveland is trying to have its cake and eat it, too.

Brady Klopfer | McCovey Chronicles: The Giants signed Anthony DeSclafani to a one-year, $6 million contract on Wednesday. DeSclafani had a dreadful 2020, but that may have been due to a change in the shape of his slider.