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Morning Mound Visit: Cleveland acknowledges nickname is racist, will continue to use it in 2021

Cleveland will keep its name for another season; millions of people will lose access to live baseball; Atlanta could be the next to change its name

MLB: JUL 19 Indians Summer Camp Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hannah Keyser | Yahoo Sports: Sunday night, the Cleveland baseball team announced it would officially retire the racist nickname it used for 105 years. Monday, Paul Dolan clarified that the team would continue to use it for the 2021 season which raises some doubt about his motives to move away from the nickname. If Dolan truly recognized the harm done by the name, he would abandon it entirely, not continue to use it.

Meg Rowley and Ben Clemens | FanGraphs: Last year, Ben Clemens and Meg Rowley estimated how many people around the country would lose easy access to live baseball if MLB cut 40+ minor league teams. Now that the culling is (mostly) complete, the two revisited their analysis to make a more informed estimate of how many people would lose affiliated baseball and baseball of any kind.

Demetrius Bell | Talking Chop: With Cleveland eventually changing its name, Atlanta may not be far behind. The team is reconsidering its use of “the chop” and its tomahawk imagery, and when those eventually go, the name will be next.