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Morning Mound Visit: Tony La Russa charged with DUI

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This is La Russa’s second DUI.

Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Jeff Passan, Paula Lavigne, Charlie Moynihan | ESPN: One day before the White Sox hired Tony La Russa to replace Rick Renteria as manager, La Russa was charged with a misdemeanor DUI. Back in February, La Russa, whose blood alcohol content was above 0.08, struck a curb with his vehicle and left his car smoking. This was the second time La Russa has been arrested for driving under the influence.

Ray Ratto | Defector: Since a COVID-positive Justin Turner ran out onto the field to get his picture taken sans mask, nine members of the Dodgers organization and one family member have tested positive. No one seems to mind, however. Turner won’t be punished and the league got its season in, so what’s a little deadly disease among friends?

Daniel Epstein | Baseball Prospectus $: It’s award szn, so that means it’s time to get mad about evaluations of others. The BBWAA is responsible for awarding players like Kyle Lewis and Devin Williams with the Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year awards, but the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America also votes on awards. Daniel Epstein answers the question of ‘Who is more wrong?’