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Morning Mound Visit: MLB to allow fans for NLCS and World Series

Up to 11,500 fans will be allowed to attend each game.

Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

MLB made it to the postseason while only having two teamwide outbreaks. Any other league in any other country might have stopped after just one measly outbreak, but MLB soldiered on to the playoffs for that sweet, sweet revenue. Getting to October wasn’t enough, and now the league is selling tickets to the NLCS and World Series games in Arlington, Texas.

After the Wild Card round, playoff series will be held at neutral bubble sites in following with the NWSL, WNBA, NBA, and NHL. Arlington, of course, won’t be a bubble as bubbles famously pop if you try to put something into them or take something out of it. This plan presents far more danger than angering pedants, though.

Even if Globe Life Field will only be a quarter-full, that’s still a lot of people to put in close proximity to one another for no other reason than to sell baseball tickets. Tarrant County, where Globe Life Field is located, just experienced its largest new daily case total, so it’s not as if the virus is under control.

Presumably, few of these people going to the games aren’t going to be local either. Thousands of people will be flying into Arlington where they might come into contact with the virus and then return home to spread it among their family and communities.

Watching and listening to the playoffs without fans has been a little like watching a music video with no music, but it’s better than people endangering the lives of themselves and their friends and family so they can watch a World Series that doesn’t count.

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