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New Year’s Day Open Thread

Happy New Year from BTBS!

Taiwanese Countdown To The New Year Photo by Gene Wang/Getty Images

Man, the holidays are starting to become a bore, right? I’ve posted Open Threads it seems a million times since Halloween, when it reality it’s been three, our last one just recently at Christmas.

It feels like it’s been literally forever ago since a Major League Baseball game has been played, when again, it’s been approximately two months. Unfortunately the new year means the waiting isn’t even halfway done, as Opening Day is still 85 days away. Most of free agency has actually been wrapped up unlike in the past couple of years, so it’s not like we’ve had nothing to chew on.

But we’re anxiously waiting, and as another year fades and another year and another decade starts, we’d like to take a moment to thank anyone who has read and enjoyed our work, and we look forward to yet another year of BTBS in the baseball-writing fold.