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Morning Mound Visit: sabermetrics news - 9/10/19

The loss of Michael Pineda; Austin Hedges’ issues at the plate; the best defenders of August

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

FanGraphs | Jay Jaffe: Michael Pineda is yet another player hit with a PED suspension for a diuretic. Even though the Twins are wrapping up their divisional win, they still needed him down the stretch as their World Series odds have suffered by a percentage point alone for his loss.

Baseball Prospectus | Jeff Wiser ($): Austin Hedges is, as usual, an excellent defensive catcher, but his bat could use serious work. Maybe a bat path approach can fix his issues, but his problems with swing-and-miss are going to be a serious concern for a player increasingly looking more one-dimensional by the day.

Bill James Online | Mark Simon: The best defense player in the month of August was Javier Báez, who racked up 15 DRS in just the last month alone. He beat out Roberto Pérez of the Indians, who was behind by seven runs.