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Morning Mound Visit: sabermetrics news - 8/16/19

Nick Anderson’s hot August; Atlantic League rule change effects; Jake Arrieta’s surgery decision

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at San Francisco Giants Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

FanGraphs | Ben Clemens: Nick Anderson is having an incredible stretch of a negative FIP over the last two weeks, and his blazing fastball/snapping curve combo is the source of it. Can it continue forever? Of course not. But it’s clear that the Rays have found another diamond in the rough.

Baseball Prospectus | Rob Arthur ($): Changes like the robot ump have come to the Atlantic League, and the effects are... modest. Walks are down, steals are up, and strikeouts are down. That may be evidence that it won’t affect the big leagues that much, but it’s clear that if it moves the needle at all in an Indy league, you can imagine weird changes when front offices get their hands on it.

ESPN Insider | Buster Olney ($): Jake Arrieta is at a crossroads: he can pitch through his bone spur with more limited effectiveness until he has offseason surgery, or pull the trigger now to give him a better shot at his 2020 walk year. The Phillies, with their playoff chances on the line and have eyes on 2020 as well, just hope he’s OK.