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Clubhouse Spread: links served cold - 6/28/19

Today’s links include the 25-under-25, hitters who don’t hit, too many home runs, and some international amateur chicanery.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

ESPN | Keith Law ($): Law presents his top 25 players under the age of 25. Spoiler: Cody Bellinger made the list.

Baseball Prospectus | Aaron Gleeman ($): Imagine your worst case scenario professionally— the absolute lowest feasible outcome to which you could possibly crater over the next few months. Now imagine something even worse. As presented by Gleeman, here are six baseball players that are living that exact nightmare.

FanGraphs | Jay Jaffe: Mae West once said, “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” Jay Jaffe said, “We’ve reached the point of ‘too many homers.’” Who is correct? That is for you to determine (hint: it’s probably Jaffe).

Baseball America | Ben Badler ($): With July 2 approaching, Badler delves into the disaster that is the international amateur signing system.