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Morning Mound Visit: sabermetrics news - 6/20/19

Max Scherzer’s trade value; Jackie Bradley Jr. playing deep; Shane Bieber’s home run problem

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MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

FanGraphs | Craig Edwards: Max Scherzer, of black eye fame, could indeed be a trade target if the Nationals fall out of it. So how much trade value does he actually have? According to his current contract and projected WAR over the rest of his deal, he would be worth something like $71 million in net value, meaning a team would need the money to acquire him, and only someone like Gleyber Torres, or Andrew Benintendi, or Luis Urias, would be worth his weight.

Baseball Prospectus | Matthew Trueblood ($): Jackie Bradley Jr. is certainly out of his slump, but one wonders if that’s enough to compensate for his ever-declining defensive value. He now is negative DRS-wise, and his response has been to play the ball deeper. That has allowed him to make stunning plays against the wall, possibly to the detriment of more routine plays in front of him.

The Athletic | Eno Sarris ($): Shane Bieber has allowed a ton of home runs, which has hampered his ability to reach his true ability. The reason is because most of them are on the fastball, and despite the fact he has used that pitch less than usual, it’s still important in this era to spot it up-and-in, or low-and-away, consistently.