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Morning Mound Visit: sabermetrics news - 11/5/19

The Twins take a chance on Matt Wisler; Roth on the Mets; the evolution of a Nats fan

New York Mets Introduce Carlos Beltran - Press Conference Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

FanGraphs | Jake Mailhot: The Twins are trying to find a diamond in the rough in the waiver wire, this time turning to Matt Wisler. Wisler is now throwing his slider about 70% of the time, and instead of looking more like a slurve, it has a hard, breaking action. While it didn’t show up in his ERA in 2019, 2020 could be a clean slate, and his peripherals still look pretty good.

Baseball Prospectus | David Roth ($): Man, how nice is it to see that name pop up? Roth opines on the Mets hiring Carlos Beltrán as their manager, and how despite all the incompetence, the Mets still have an innate desire to win and are weird in a way the cold, calculating franchises of today are no longer. Yet it’s odd that Beltrán, who was treated rather poorly by the Wilpons as a player despite being one of their best players and signings of all time, would want to return and deal with being the scapegoat for his superiors.

The Ringer | Chris Almeida: The evolution of a Nationals fan was a long one, from their poor 2005 debut to the Stephen Strasburg debut five years later, to various choking affairs in the postseason, to finally, a World Series in 2019. It was a circuitous road, but it ultimately ended up a satisfying one for a whole new subset of fan not even 15 years young.