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Morning Mound Visit: sabermetrics news - 1/3/19

Andy Pettitte’s maybe-legal pickoff move; a Kikuchi preview; park factor random variations

Boston Red Sox v Colorado Rockies Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

FanGraphs | Sheryl Ring: Andy Pettitte is remembered for a lot of things, including his Yankees (and Astros!) postseason performances, but he is also remembered for his pickoff move. Was it legal, though? It definitely hugs that boundary, as quite a few of his moves look like his leg moves past the backside of the rubber. Yet for any good move, it is almost always going to be at the border, like today with Julio Urias.

Baseball Prospectus | Kazuto Yamazaki ($): A BTBS alum talks about new Mariners signee Yusei Kikuchi, documenting his rise from high school talent to NPB staple to a new member of the major leagues.

Tangotiger Blog | Tom Tango: Coors Field is always the pet example for park factors, and you can observe those changing entering the humidor era. But what about adjusting for other things, like the players, weather, competition, etc.? How much random variation can we expect, anyway? Tango comes up with something like 5.7% single-year variation, which you can see is slightly higher for Coors, and about average for a park like Citi Field.