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Morning Mound Visit: sabermetrics news - 9/25/18

The legality of tanking; a sabermetric triple crown; five tool players; Jacob deGrom as MVP

MLB: New York Mets at Chicago Cubs Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

FanGraphs | Sheryl Ring: Is it legal to tank in baseball? The rules are actually murkier than expected, stating that any person attempting to intentionally lose a game will be deemed permanently ineligible. But tanking does not imply individual games, and does throwing a season count as throwing a game? It seems that for a team like the 2013 Astros, the line between intentionally throwing a season, and say, swapping current wins for potential future ones, is very blurred.

Baseball Prospectus | Patrick Dubuque: What if we designed a sabermetric triple crown, and who would be the winner? For something like wRC+ / BRR / FRAA, there has never been a winner, while with OBP / HR / wRC+, for example, Bryce Harper won the crown in 2015.

Bill James Online | Bill James: What qualifies a player as “five tool”? Using some classification methods, James breaks down the historical five-tool players by era, and concludes that there are about four or five five-tool players per era; the last era constituted David Wright, Bobby Abreu, Matt Kemp, and Andrew McCutchen, and one would assume this era would include Mookie Betts, Mike Trout, and Francisco Lindor, at least. | Mike Petriello: Other than “pitchers shouldn’t win the MVP,” there aren’t many reasons why Jacob deGrom isn’t a great MVP candidate. Who cares about the wins, and who cares about him being on a bad team? He is the WAR leader by far amidst a crowded field, and he has easily been the best player, no matter the position, in the National League.