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Morning Mound Visit: sabermetrics news - 12/18/18

If Kyler Murray chooses football; the best baseball movies, empirically; tracking the HoF tracker

Heisman Trophy Presentation Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

FanGraphs | Sheryl Ring: Kyler Murray just won the Heisman Trophy, meaning that this could put his baseball playing in jeopardy. But in a post-Bo Jackson world, no one knows what a two-sport athlete like that would look like, and besides, Murray’s contract with the Athletics stipulates that he only play one year with the Sooners. If he decides to breach it for the NFL, he would be liable for the pro-rated amount of his signing bonus, as well as to his agent Scott Boras. All of this is in theory, because his talent might force the A’s to renegotiate his deal if he does pull that trigger.

Tangotiger Blog | Tom Tango: Tango ran some head-to-head polls for the best baseball movie, and he got Major League followed by Moneyball, The Sandlot, and Bull Durham.

Bill James Online | Daniel Marks: The Hall of Fame tracker is such a valuable resource, and now we can glean some information based on it each year, namely: more public ballots because of the tracker itself; a lower overall vote total because of the 2015 “purge” of voters; and, votes declining for players when jumping from public to private voters. Even with all of those caveats, Mariano Rivera, Edgar Martinez, Roy Halladay, and Mike Mussina are projected to get in, but Mussina in particular could go either way as he will ride one side or the other of 75%.