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Morning Mound Visit: sabermetrics news - 12/15/18

Normal reliever contracts; Adam Ottavino vs. Babe Ruth; the worst hitting pitchers

MLB: Washington Nationals at Colorado Rockies Russell Lansford-USA TODAY Sports

FanGraphs | Craig Edwards: Joe Kelly and Jeurys Familia signed for three years and $25/$30 million, respectively, which are “normal” reliever contracts by today’s standards, and at least in the Dodgers’ case, it bucks a trend of spending money on a reliever not named Kenley Jansen.

Baseball Prospectus | Rob Arthur ($): The two lines of argument for comparing, say, Adam Ottavino and Babe Ruth, are the “time traveler” and “reincarnation” scenarios. In the first, Ottavino holds the advantage, as one time traveling into the other’s time means Ottavino keeps every advantage of modern training, health, wellness, and medicine. If Ruth was reincarnated today, he probably would fare better, and data suggests that even Hall of Famers from yesteryear reincarnated could be 20% better than the average player today.

ESPN | Sam Miller: Sam is back to a familiar topic of his, namely “Could you hit better than a pitcher at the plate?” It’s possible, as the likes of Luis Severino, José Ureña, and Ivan Nova are dreadful enough, with pitching talent good enough, that they wouldn’t be much better than any normally athletic person would be at the plate.