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Morning Mound Visit: sabermetrics news - 11/9/18

The Bill James Controversy; trading for JT Realmuto; new baseball words

Boston Red Sox Victory Parade Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Hardball Talk | Bill Baer: Let’s lead with the biggest story. Bill James, writer and senior adviser to the Red Sox, commented on Wednesday night that “If the players all retired tomorrow, we would replace them, the game would go on; in three years it would make no difference whatsoever. The players are NOT the game, any more than the beer vendors are.” This led to controversy around the baseball world, with statements from the Red Sox, the MLBPA, and players like Torii Hunter, Justin Verlander, and Al Leiter denouncing the sentiment. He claims it was mere misunderstanding, while others claim it is inappropriate for a team consultant to say their teams’ players are interchangeable.

FanGraphs | Kiley McDaniel: JT Realmuto is incredibly valuable, so what prospects would be worth giving up for him? The easy answer is any, and the only single prospect is probably Vlad Guerrero Jr. In terms of actual, real contenders for Realmuto, you may see the Braves over Austin Riley and Mike Soroka, or the Astros offer Forrest Whitley and Yordan Alvarez, or the Rays offer Brent Honeywell and Brendan McKay.

Baseball Prospectus | Russell A. Carleton ($): Another season, another year of new baseball lingo. There’s The Opener, as well as Innings Getter that isn’t a starter after an Opener, as well as terminology for flexible position players and “dawdling,” taking moments to slow the game to make the pace slower, and the game longer.