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Morning Mound Visit: sabermetrics news - 11/21/18

The state of the quality start; fallout from the James Paxton trade

MLB: New York Yankees at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

FanGraphs | Jeff Sullivan: Despite the fact that Yankees fans are skeptical, they really did acquire a second ace alongside Luis Severino in James Paxton. He’s been one of the best pitchers in baseball for the for past two years, and he has only been trending in the right direction.

Baseball Prospectus | Rob Mains ($): What’s the state of our not-so-favorite stat, the Quality Start? Well, for one, they’re incredibly rare these days, and because the offensive environment is higher than, say, 2014, a quality start means more as a barometer of success than it has recently. What’s really funny is that despite their scarcity, Jacob deGrom threw more consecutive quality starts than any pitchers since World War II.

The Ringer | Zach Kram: More fallout from the Paxton deal to confirm what we know: he’s likely a top-ten pitcher in baseball, by any metric you use to analyze him.